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How to Tame Your Guinea Pigs

When you first bring your new guinea pigs home, they will likely be super timid and skittish. It is completely normal for guinea pigs to take months or even years to become completely tame. There are some tips to help them become tame a bit quicker, though. First, hold your guinea pigs regularly, about every other day. When picking them up, talk to them or pet them first so they know you are there because piggies do get spooked easily. Also, a good tip is to hand-feed them, holding them in your lap and having them eat out of your hand and then transitioning to having them eat out of your hand in their cage. Next, talk to them. It might sound a little silly, but this will help your piggies get used to your voice. Lastly, you can simply sit by their cage to help them get used to you. Remember that guinea pigs may take years to become tame and to stay patient. I hoped these tips helped you to tame your guinea pigs!

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